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At Prowall Construction, we’re firm believers that any great project needs a solid foundation to build on. And that starts well before any concrete slabs are poured.
We bring our combined experience in the construction industry to every site we engage with – and the result is precision earthworks and premium, load-bearing retaining walls designed to last the life of your build, no matter its scope or scale.
But what really sets us apart is our commitment to your project.
Whether it’s a large civil project spanning hundreds of lineal metres, commercial developments or a new residential build, we’re there on-site with you, preparing your foundations and building your walls with our experienced and qualified in-house team.
No middlemen, no subbies and no hassles. Just quality work as it should be.
Plus, unlike many out there, we actually own all of the equipment needed to get the job done on program and on budget, so you can avoid project delays and extra costs.
And, of course, we only use the best, all-Australian materials available thanks to our partners at Outback Sleepers Victoria and RW Steel.
We’re also fully insured, compliant with local building codes and regulations (AS 4678 $ AS 3600), and adhere to all safety protocols by providing SWMS, JSA’s and Risk assessments on all machinery, which, along with tools, are all tested and tagged on a strict schedule.
As an added bonus, we’re also one of the few in the game to have a fully licensed team on board to offer comprehensive earthworks as part of the job as well. And it’s all included in our Foundations Package to set your project up for success.

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From project consultation to complete site preparation regardless of size and complexity, our services and capabilities stand unmatched.

Featured project

Coles Traralgon by
NBC Civil & Insitu Group

NBC Civil Constructions contracted us for a challenging project, to complete a large section of retaining walls required for the new Coles Traralgon construction project by Insitu Group. Staged in two phases, the project required us to stay on-site for the entirety of the project as we installed over 500LM of engineered concrete sleeper retaining walls, 400mm to 3.6M high. We had to install our walls before the precast walls and slabs, millimetres apart, could be placed, requiring precise planning and execution to avoid delays. Integrating footings in collaboration with Solid Foundations Concreting helped overcome an engineering mistake in the precast wall, and we had to laminate sleepers to double thickness to rectify this issue. Another project that demonstrates our unique ability to adapt quickly to changes/additions on-site, ensuring seamless completion under budget without disrupting other trades.

FoundationS Package

Introducing Your Complete Foundations Package

We know how important a solid foundation is for any project. We also know how stressful, tiresome and expensive it can be to engage with multiple contractors at a time to handle the individual requirements needed to get you build-ready. That’s where our Foundations Package comes in.
Our comprehensive Foundations Package not only takes you from an empty site to handover ready for pouring that slab, but it ensures you HAVE a reliable and accurate foundation designed to stand the test of time and beyond.
If you want to save time and money and ensure your construction project is stress-free and set up for success, no matter your next project, click the button below for a free Foundations Package estimate.

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